During the NBYFC qualifiers Doug fought against Chris.C, in which Doug claimed as his toughest fight. Doug lacked in the first round and did not land many hits. he was taken down twice but got out both times, but not before taking serious damage. In the second round Doug was doing better but was hit with a strong haymaker taking him down and was hit with a few more punches, Doug was unable to continue in the tournament.

Dougs next fight which was during NBYFC 1 and was against Derran another first round loser. Doug was taken down early in the first round and was submitted by a rear naked choke.

His next fight will be against Josh at NBYFC 3.

Matches Edit

Doug vs Chris.C/lose-TKO(strikes)/1:42 in round.2/NBYFC qualifiers round.1

Doug vs Derran/lose-submission(rear naked choke)/1:22 in round.1/NBYFC 1

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